Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering with Lamanee is easy. Simply fill out the new account form and we will set up an account for you. As soon as your account has been set up you can start shopping with us.

You pay the same price for each item as is shown on the online store - we charge just 9.99% of the total value of the item bought. The shipping cost is calculated separately. This fee is based on the weight of the package.

Yes. Your minimum spend on purchases (excluding delivery charges) is £50.

We offer express shipping for UK orders only at the moment. Delivery is 3 – 4 working days.

We usually deliver within two weeks of receiving your payment. Delivery to us takes up to 3- 5 working days, and we then have to consolidate and dispatch your goods to Nigeria, using a standard air-freight service.

You will need to make payment at the point of ordering. If you pay using the 'cash deposit' or 'bank transfer' modes of payment we will be able to place your order straight away. If you choose to pay by cheque we are unable to place your order until the cheque has cleared and the funds are in our account.

We do have an office in Lagos, which is for collections and deliveries only. The address is Block A6/Unit 8, Jacob Mew Estate 33, Adebisi Street, Adekunle Yaba, Lagos. All other administration is carried out at our UK office.

You can make a payment in Naira or pounds sterling.

If you wish to purchase an item from an online store to which we do not currently have a link please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will usually be able to buy the item for you anyway, and arrange the onward delivery to.

For the UK, the first 1kg is £6.50 and each additional 1kg is £4.50.

If you realise you have made a mistake with your order, for example, requesting the wrong size or colour, contact us as soon as possible. If the item has not already been despatched we should be able to amend the order for you and arrange to have the correct item shipped instead..

If your items are damaged or faulty when you receive them you must contact us immediately to let us know. The remedial action we take will depend on the circumstances of the individual case..

Our delivery service is available to all major cities in Nigeria.

Yes, you will need to provide a signature or delivery code to confirm receipt of your items.

We may be able to arrange delivery to an alternative address, for example your workplace instead of your home address. However, you will still need to sign or provide delivery code to confirm receipt of your goods. Please contact us to discuss alternative delivery arrangements.

Yes. Please contact our customer service team if you are unsure whether you may order a particular item for delivery to Nigeria. Our representatives will be happy to advise you. The Nigerian government places some restrictions on imports. For full details of goods which may not be imported into Nigeria, click this link:

We do not place an upper limit on the amount of goods which you may order.

No. Your items are purchased from the stores you have chosen as soon as you have placed your order with us. We have a rapid turnaround process which enables us to pack and dispatch your items with maximum efficiency. Our couriers then deliver the items from our distribution centre to your home within as little as 2 - 3 working days (express delivery) or 5 - 7 working days (standard delivery).

Yes; please send an email to for how to get started.